Greetings, running GW800HP2 on NW65SP8 at our primary domain server.

Was checking the information on some post offices and noticed that the last
mailbox audit line was showing quite some time ago on some post offices, and
last weekend on others. There is a maintenance event "Default Weekly
Maintenance Event" which has an action "Default Audit Report" checked, which
in turn runs an audit report with activity last 60 days. I didn't create
this as far as I can remember, I think it was introduced when I upgraded our
primary domain last year to GW8.

It looks like only the POA's under the primary domain are actually running
the event. If I look in a POA at another site (whether it is GW800HP2,
GW800 or GW703HP2) and check the scheduled events, the event does show
there, it is checked, and if I drill down I see the audit programmed
properly, however based on the information page, and based on the fact that
I don't receive a report from the POA at the indicated time, and based on
the fact that in the POA log the startup information lists all the events
except that one, it seems the POA doesn't know about the event despite what
C1 is showing?

Note that if I manually run an audit report (in C1 connected to primary
domain, go into mailbox maintenace on one of the other POA's one one of the
secondary domains) it does run.

Any ideas why the scheduled event is not showing in the POA log startup
info, and why it's not firing?

Thanks in advance