Ive upgraded a NBO 6.5.5 running a poa only to 8.01. Im seeing the same problems as others are in regards to the gwdca but some other issues are occuring as well. One is "Error streaming attachment [EA01]" This we believe is due to the po name having spaces in it ie: "My post office" Since NBO is no longer supported an SR could not be opened. The recommendation from support was to migrate the poa to a supported platform ie:oes2sp1 box (they dont understand the concept of the NBO implementation).

Now my question is this. To resolve the unsupported platform issue AND the po with spaces in its name, I am contemplating building an OES2sp1 box, loading up a new poa on it and then migrating (moving) the dozen or so users in that NBO post office over to the new oes2 post office (with a valid po name). It sounds too easy and as such I have posted this question. Does this path sound logical and valid? Or am I not thinking about the hidden consequences?

Any feedback appreciated.