I am sitting up a new BM3.7 server to replace an existing BM3.0 server

with CyberPatrol.

While testing, I have found that Surf Control is not blocking many
that it should be blocking.

For example, I have tried having only two rules. The first rule is
URL ANY to Third Party List, with Adult Content checked. The second
rule allows ANY to ANY URL access. This should block anything on theSurf Control Adult list with the first rule and (otherwise) allow URLaccess to any site if it wasn't on the list. Correct ?

Well, this rule blocks playboy.com, but it doesn't block sex.com
??????? sex.com starts redirecting all over the place and it
blocks one of the redirected sites, but many others get through.

Am I missing something here ?

I installed Surf Control from the BM37 CD. I have downloaded the Surf

Control cpfilter patch (before updating the database) and have updated

the catagory database.