BM37sp2/nw6sp3-public/private interfaces
I have a new/canned program (Instafacts) that uses socks 5 (port 1080)
reach a server on the Internet on port 1387. It doesn't work unless I

unload ipflt. (I have the access rules disabled). The new rule below
been migrated to edirectory. I tried the following filter:

Src Interface Private
Dest Interface Public
Protocol TCP
Src Ports 1024-65535 (I have also used ALL)
Dest Ports 1387
Ack disabled
Stateful enabled
src addr any
dest addr any

I ran SET TCP IP DEBUG = 1 with ipflt loaded and the discard seems to

happen when the workstation is contacting the private address of the
server at port 1080. I'm not using clntrust.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Hickman