Server: Win 2003 R2, Zenworks 10.2
Client: Win XP, Novell Cient 4.91 SP5 with Windows AD

Good Morning,

my english isnt so good but I hope you will understand my Problem.

On our Workstations we have Zenworks 10.2 and the Novell Client 4.91 SP5 (dont know if it's important). We authenticate the Computer on eDirectory and Active Directory.

When our notebook User are out of our Office and they use the Workstation only login (without any LAN connection) on the local AD Domän, the login is very very slow, rund about 10-15mins. When I take a look in the Windows logs, I see a lot of Zenworks errors because he cant find our Windows Domain. Also I see a lot of Zenworks errors that he cant load some of our batch files, because he cant connect to the server. When I deactivate the local Zenworks services, the local login is very fast without errors. Now i have found a work around, that i can use the windows policys to limit the time of login scripts and the login is down to 5-6mins, but thats no solution...

On Zenworks 7 there was an option, that Zenworks can see he isnt in our office lan and then he dont load all the zenworks ****. How can I do this with Zen 10?

Thanks, Ronny