Had an error thrown up by one of my clustered 6.5 servers.

Severity = 4 Locus = 3 Class = 0

NSS-3.00-5001: Pool ABC/ABCPOOL is being deactivated.

An I/O error (36(zlssMSAP.c[1796])) at block 0(file block 0)(ZID 0) has compromised pool integrity.

This comatosed one pool and the other pool on the node was down.

The server node itself was also no longer on the LAN as a result.

I rebooted the node and repositioned the pools successfully and sorted out the comatose issue.

The server is a HP DL380 G4 attached to an HP MSA 1500.

Does anyone have some information on this error and what diagnostics I can run against the server to see where the fault lies.

Many Thanks