didnt search the forum a lot , so sry if it was already mentioned somewhere:

I have the need to restrict an application's availability, so I set a schedule to have access every day until somewhere mid in december. The time restriction is also set to 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. (I don't need this time window to set but I have to...). Since the bundle was assigned this way I get a message from every workstation:

UnknownExceptionOccurred- {0} {1} {2}{MessageId passed is null;;bei Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.ZenLogger.LogMessage(Session session, Int32 messageType, Int64 time, String messageId, Int32 severity, String componentName, String probableCauseId, String additionalInfo, String[] relatedGuids, String deviceGuid, Object[] messagePa}

The message is sent every day at 11 p.m., adding to the known "log-fill-up-feature" from GPEnforce errors ;)

ZCM is 10.2.1, german clients.

ty in advance