I've started to roll out GW 8.0.1 to my clients and found it to be a complete nightmare. I have numerous errors. The one that belongs in this forum is the following:

We are using 2 written languages, English and Swedish.

If I press 'Spell Check' with certain languages the groupwise client crashes with an MS error report saying it's caused by or in wtspe61.dll.

I've tried upgrading from 7.0.3.
Tried clean installation of both 8.0.0 and 8.0.1. Meaning no previous
GW installations to be found on the machines.
Tried replacing .lex files and dll's using 7.0.3 ones. Nothing helps and it crashes no matter what I do.
Also tried numerous registry "hacks", found on these forums.

It simply won't help.

Did another installation and found something that might be helpful.
Complete installation with all languages from the multilingual client.
Noticed the English, German, Spanish and French worked ok.

When switching to Swedish, Danish, Czech and Hebrew (amongst others)
and running a spell check it crashes.

If I write e sentence like "Hi my name is Martin" and constantly switch between the working languages everything it's ok. It marks the words correctly and I can run Spell Check ok.

If I somewhere in between change the speller language to a non working one, without running the Spell Check, it will crash the next time I run a Spell Check no matter if I switch to a language thats ok. So it seems GW loads the choosen language and if its a "bad one" it stays there until GW crashes so to speak.

To make this more visual for you:
English - Spanish - English -> Spell Check = No problem
English - Swedish - English -> Spell Check = Crash

Also, when switching to a bad language I get no word suggestions for misspelled words (using right click on the highlighted word).