Got an interesting issue with 2 of my Netware 6.5 sp8 servers when running a backup with Backup Exec.

"I have already done the Set Auto Load of CDM Modules = OFF"
the above worked when i performed a backup in June 2009

I have cleaned the tape drive and used brand new tapes just to rule out faulty tapes.

I have also performed backups with files under 100mb and the jobs have completed without any issues...

Now when I try to perform a full backup or anything over 1GB the backup process will start "rewinding/ negotiating block size...." then it will freeze and the server resets without warning or without registering an abend.

Only once did I get an Abend and it was due to Server.nlm which could be many things.

This may seem vague but any help will be much appreciated.

Servers are using Adaptec 29160 SCSI cards with HP Ultrium Tape Drives