Excuse me, but did you say that you're using the GroupWise remote
I've never tried what you seem to be trying here...

What about setting up a static NAT between the server running the POA
the BM server. And then set up a filter exception to allow any addr
on the
outside to access port 1677 on the POA server (this is one place where

stateful filters seem to work well, but I don't recall if BM3.5 has
This will allow you to use the standard GW client. The only down side
that to the GW system, this is NOT remote access, so if a user doesn't
a password set, he can still get in!


<rverones@verdic.com> wrote in message
> Well, we have redone ALL filters. Re-installed
> latest and greatest Intel NIC drivers.
> Redone Timesync, DSREPAIR's
> Scenario:
> BM3.5 server - GWIA -> MTA Port7100 ->
> MTA Port7101 on internal server -> POA 1677
> Send/Receive/POP3 works fine. We CANNOT! get
> Groupwise Remote to talk to the @%#@# POA!
> Filters set as per TID10014038
> I couldn't be any more frustrated about this if I
> tried!
> Is there another filter for POA's on servers
> behind BM servers? This worked 3 weeks ago!