Hey Guys,

Been doing some reading through the forums as well as the Documentation on novells site, but haven't found a simple solution for a setup in my real world environments. I deal with a lot of customers which have rather simple / small network setups with the average being say 3 or 4 locations. WAN is typically a T1 between locations, sometimes only a fractional T1. One office is the "main" location where there is typically 30 or so users / devices, and the other "remote" offices typically have 10-15 users / devices. Each location has it's own server for local file / print / authentication etc. There is typically a single "Patch Management" server at the main office running the "pre-ZCM" Zenworks Patch Management software on a Windows 2003 Server. Some of my clients have the same setup as well as Zen 7 running in eDir. So my question is, in these simple environments, what would you guys out there who have some experience with zcm, recommend for an install? The customers want to reuse the existing Patch Management server (currently running Win2k3 Server) for ZCM. I'm assuming I can just either remove Zen Patch Mgmt, and install ZCM or, just blow the whole server away, do a clean install of win2k3, then ZCM. My question is, can this one server house ZCM, and the Reporting server??? or do i need to have seperate physical hardware, one for ZCM and one for Reporting server? (this is the first part where i'm a little confused) Next, would it be recommended to have a satellite at each of the other "remote" locations for the devices to get there updates etc from the satellite instead of having to pull from the "primary" zcm server at the main location? If this is the case, do the satellites need to be on a pc / server that does nothing except be a satellite? Or can I use an existing windows XP pc that is one of the users pc's but will also work as a Satellite?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me in getting this up and running..