Quick question:

I have added a fourth NIC to my BM server to create a DMZ and install
web server in behind my BM firewall.

The NICs are setup as follows:

Public with a secondary address assigned for the web server and static
to the DMZ web server address (172.16.x.x).

Private DMZ NIC (172.16.x.x)
Private NIC (10.x.x.x/subnetted)
Private NIC (10.x.x.x/subnetted)

All of my filters for access in and out of my private network refer to

Also, there are no filters between the private NICs.

The DMZ card was added after the filters had been established.

Will the new NIC be properly affected by the filters after a reboot?

What is happening is that I can ping the web server from my internal
(private address). I can ping the public address for the web server
the outside.

Internal workstations cannot access the website. External hosts get a
error gateway timeout.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Steve D.