Hi we seem to have come up against the same problem as
except it's slightly worse. This ought to have been fixed by now one would
have thought.

Running ZCM 10.2.1. 2 Primaries. We have defined an AD user source with a
root context at a top level OU that equates to the entire organisation:
domain: orgad.loc
root context: ORG

We have set up User contexts for those OUs beneath this that have ZCM users.
This has been a gradual migration. Now we have reached 9 contexts, we
cannot add a 10th. I have tried adding this with a ZMAN ucc, but this does
not seem to work either
"Unable to add new context because this container or a parent container has
already been added as a user context"
which of course is not true
We have also tried deleting one that isn't yet used to give room for the one
we have to add now, and we get exactly the same error, which is obviously
not helpful.

There is a nice command there which should let you amalgamate user contexts
with one at a higher level. However, we can't because the parent OU, ORG is
part of the root context.
Nor does it let you change the root context of the user source, if you
attempt to, a Tomcat error is spawned. I imagine you'd have to remove the
existing contexts first, and a) it doesn't seem to let us, and b) we would
lose the assignments

Now of course we could define a new user source and migrate our logins and
assignments to this. However, we cannot create a 2nd user source pointing
at the AD, it doesn't let you, probably because it is named with the AD
domain, and this cannot be changed and the source cannot be disabled.

So our only course of action, unless there is a magic fix for the arbitrary
9 contexts limit (please tell!), is to delete the existing user source and
create a fresh one, with a single user context.

Of course we will lose and have to reload bundle and policy assignments on
300 odd bundles!
So in case this is what we need to contemplate, is there a method say using
ZMAN, to extract all these assignments to a file so that after a bit of
manipulation, we could put them all back in again?