Hello All,

We just upgraded our system to GW 8sp1 from 6.5 and Web Access is a HUGE improvement!

One issue I am having though is the name completion. It seems to only search the first name. So for instance, if I search John it finds John Sally, John Scott, John Smith etc. But as soon as I put the first letter in their last name (ie John S) the name completion disappears.

I have the name completion set to only pull from the GroupWise Address Book but if I add Frequent Contacts it behaves the same. This is particularly bad because in our company we use first name for Country and Last Name for their name. So if I am sending to someone in Spain I would type "Spain Acme Motors John Smith". We have over 75 contacts in some countries so if we cannot type past the country, the name completion feature is almost useless.

Any ideas on fixing this?

Oh one more thing. It also does not work when searching the Address Book in WebAccess. If I change the criteria to search in "Name" and "begins with" I can search on Spain and find all of the contacts but if I put Spain Acme Or even Spain A it finds nothing.

Thanks for any help you can give.