I have a cluster on OES2 Linux with a resource I want to remove. I changed the start mode on the resource to manual so it shouldn't be trying to start when the cluster loads. The status indicator on the resource is yellow and the text in the State column is 'Start Alert'. I can't change the state of the resource. If I try to bring it online it tells me that it can't because it isn't offline or comatose and if I try to take it offline it tells me I can't because it isn't online. If I check the box next to the resource and click on respond to alert it just refreshes the iManager screen and takes me back to the main page that you get right after login. I'm running iManager 2.7.3 in Firefox on Gnome.

If I go into the Cluster Options and try to delete it - which is what I'm really wanting to do - it tells me " Could not delete this resource. The resource must be in an offline state for modification."

The cluster documentation says to click on the yellow indicator to respond to the alert but when I do that nothing happens. It's not really hurting anything but other admins see that it isn't running and panic. I just want it to go away.