Hello Todd,

NOWS SBE 2.5 has arrived and already the community has identified a number of concerns. See the Novell OWS: Small Business Edition forum.

The documentation is atrocious. It contains misleading and incorrect information, and restrictions have been added which make many existing deployments now "unsupported". As you know, Version 2.0 initially had support for Xen then it was withdrawn. The current 2.5 documentation doesn't even contain the word Xen let alone discuss support for it.

It appears that there have been only about six TID's created for issues related to NOWS SBE. With so few issues documented, we can't even be sure all the existing issues have been addressed in this new version. The documentation appears to avoid this issue completely (no pun intended). There was no public Beta for V 2.5 so the Community was unable to determine, in advance, what issues may or may not have been resolved. The Project Manager and his team have made no effort at all to reach out to the Community. Questions raised in the SBE forum remain unanswered.

I know it seems unfair, but in a situation like this there appears to be only one solution: Heavy reliance on NTS.

I, for one, abhor the idea of opening frivolous Support Requests but when faced with weeks or months of work and little in the way of reliable documentation to minimize the risk to my existing systems, it seems I have little choice. Furthermore, all current users are in exactly the same situation.

During the past year I have made many attempts to contact the Product Manager. Email and phone calls go unanswered. The forum moderators do their best to pass on concerns to their Novell contacts but there appears to be little in the way of any response.

If you are able to assist in establishing a dialog between the Product Manager, the developers, and the NOWS SBE community, we would certainly appreciate it. If you have any other suggestions as to how we should proceed, again we would all be very grateful. If we are unable to have our concerns addressed as we plan our upgrades, I'd prepare for a much higher than expected volume of SR's.

Thank you,

Kevin Boyle