Firstly, I'll state we DO have a SLPDA infrastructure and it works quite nicely - especially since the latest 4.91 SP5 patch fixes ip costing !

What I am having trouble with is the fallback arrangement when the WAN link is down and the DAs are not reachable.

When the DAs are not contactable it appears that SLP Multicasting for an SA does not work. Users get Tree/Server not found unless they specify a server.

The clients are:

firewall disabled
Client 4.91SP5 with patches up to oct 22nd 2009.
SLP Active Discovery - have tried both ON (default) and OFF
SLP Multicast radius - have tried default (32) and 1 (local subnet only)

Local server is:

NetWare 6.5 SP8 + patches running on VMWare ESXi 4

I have also tried the VMWare setting "NET.IGMPVersion" as both 3 (default) and 2. This is for the VMWare virtual switch.

The router (which is default gateway) on site is NOT configured for Multicast - but I don't expect or want it to forward any multicast packets over the WAN.

Anyone have any ideas or experience in the SLP Multicast side of things ?