#12 Please add a column "Type" to the "Missing homedirs" report so we can sort and easily focus on group or user storage problems

#13 Would be nice if the janitor could be scheduled to run at some other time of the day/night than only midnight. provisioning adds users in my environment in the early morning hours, and I'd love the see potential problems show in the anomaly reports when I get into office next morning, not only the day after.

#14 Besides "Assign Homedir" and "Recover Homedir" an option to clear the homedir in DS would be helpful sometimes. Got to move to iMan/C1/Ldap now.

#15 NSM 2.0 had a "Catalog" and a "Full" backfill action, 2.5 has "Manage" instead. Connot find a way to only catalog objects that are perfectly consistent and do not need corrective action in filesystem or DS.
Use case: hundreds of groups in a container with a policy assigned. I want to catalog all groups that have their homedir set and homedir exists on disk, so they drop out of the anomaly reports. I do not want to provision storage to groups without a homedir attribute or where DS does not match disk path at this stage, since some folders might have been moved or renamed or the homedir attribute has not yet been assigned. "Manage" is not an option here, the v2.0 "catalog" backfill would've been...
Could you add it back or is there another way to do it, I haven't yet discovered in 2.5?