Has anyone come across this?

We are using Groupwise 8 with SP 1 server, some clients on 8 and some on 7.0.3

We have three post offices, call them poa, pob, and poc.

We have a user in pob and a user in poc each of which cannot send to anyone in poa. The emails just say pending and they never arrive at the users mailbox in poa.

We have 300+ users and we know of two users with this problem. We are unsure if some external users are having the same problem with accessing poa, but we know these two users just cannot email poa.

Using 7.0.3 latest hot patch or 8.01 client or webmail client it's exactly the same.

We are a bit stuck on how to fix this as all the other users (around 150+ combined on pob and poc) can all still email poa with no problems.

We have ran gwcheck on the two users and it says there are no problems with their mailboxes in anyway.

Any ideas on where to go from here. We have shutdown and restarted all po's we have run gwcheck on all the po's so any other ideas would be really appreciated.

It isn't a one day thing these two users have been stuck in this situation for over a week.