Any ideas?

FTP downloading, Dynamic NAT and accessing a very few sites has
stopped working since I have upgraded to BM3.7 from 3.6. The symptom
in IE is that after a minute or so, a 504 message is displayed (from
the BM server).

If I unload ipflt and filtsrv, everying works. I have another BM3.7
server which is working fine!

I've checked the Packed Filter Exceptions using Imanager and they
appear correct.

I've also upgraded NW6 to SP3 and also BM3.7 to SP2.

When I upgraded to 3.7 I correctly followed the instructions
concerning migrating the filters.

I've done a test by putting in a filter exception which allows
everything thru both ways and my access is still restricted - so
obviously configuring the filters thru Imanager is not working.