Alright, I'm baffled by this one. 10 node cluster running NW65SP8. Several resources running on the cluster. As far as I know everyone else is working fine, and the second workstation on my desk is working fine. My workstation is Win XP sp3, Novell client 4.91sp5 with all the updates. If I open windows explorer and try to get to server resources \\server1\vol1, \\server2\vol2, etc, every one works except \\server4\vol4. There it just comes back "Windows cannot find 'server4\vol4' Check the spelling.... blah blah blah"

If I drill down through My Network Places - Novell Connections - my tree - o - ou - ou - volume I can read it, and it shows up as "\\Tree\.cluster_vol4.ou.ou.o\. EXCEPT if I try to then salvage from a folder it says "you do not have sufficient rights to complete this operation"

After I get to the server using the method above, my workstation then "knows" where it is and I can get to \\server4\vol4, and salvage or do whatever. So it looks like a SLP problem, but as this is a clustered node, and all the nodes and resources look the same, and it works on other (maybe not all) workstations, jbut not mine, any ideas where to look?

slpinfo /d shows all das as cnfg and up.