I have two SUSE Linux servers sharing a cluster.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2
Linux version (geeko@buildhost) OES 2 VERSION = 2 BUILD = FCS

I did a software update using YaST and after the update the cluster resources will not load.

It appears to me that I may have a problem with EVMS.
I have compared EVMS engine logs from when it worked to when it quit. They are identical until I get to this error:

_0_ Engine: engine_user_message: Message is: Engine: The plug-in Novell-NCS in module /lib/evms/2.5.5/ncs-1.0.0.so failed to load. The plug-in's setup_evms_plugin() function failed with error code 13: Permission denied.

Being relatively new to Linux I don't exactly know what I have to do to recover the Cluster. I could use ANY troubleshooting assistance! (I have also been very cautious about attempting anything for fear of corrupting the volume).

What steps can I take to determine where the actual problem is?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide,