Last December I finally decided to join the "always connected" group and upgraded to a Blackberry 8330. Love it!
About 2 months ago, through my own clumsiness, I cracked the screen.
I've been paying $4.95 per month for replacement insurance to a company for the last 3 1/2 years.
I contacted them, paid the $50 deductible over the phone, and they agreed to ship me a replacement.

As soon as I looked at the replacement I knew something was wrong.
  • The red wasn't the same tint
  • Nowhere, front or back, did it say "Blackberry"
  • Inside the back, under the battery, instead of "Blackberry" it said "remanufactured in Hong Kong"

I was FURIOUS!! I paid a LOT of money for a Blackberry, and for the stupid insurance over the years, that I felt I should bloody-well get a BLACKBERRY, not some cheap knock-off!!
I contacted the insurance company, who told me that I was paying premiums for a replacement, which is what I received. I argued that I expected my Blackberry to be replaced with a friggin' Blackberry, not Jim-and-Joe-Bob's knockoff cell phone. I got nowhere.

I went back into the US Cellular company store where I originally got my Blackberry. I handed them the replacement and said, "Please tell me what this phone is." They said, "It's a blackberry." I replied, "No, it isn't. If it's a Blackberry, show me where it says 'Blackberry'".
They looked front, back, and inside, and couldn't find it anywhere, and mentioned the color difference. They then asked where I got it (with a tone that indicated I was trying to sell stolen goods or a fake Rolex). I told them that's what their rotten insurance had supplied. I told them in no uncertain terms that if they didn't immediately replace this piece of junk with an ACTUAL Blackberry that I would cancel both our contracts and end our 15-year customer relationship. (Yes, I've been with the same provider that long!)

Well, it took a stern conversation with the store manager, and him having a very pointed conversation with the crummy insurance company, to get a replacement. He ended up taking a Blackberry out of his stock, transferring my data to it, and keeping the cheap knockoff. He said he was going to follow up with "corporate" on their policies with this "insurance" company. At my request he also canceled the crummy insurance on my account.

I figure it's cheaper, and a lot less hassle, to just buy a new phone than deal with that shady dirtbag insurance company again.

I also successfully disputed my $50 deposit with my credit card company.