I am creating an MS Project virtualized app and have a problem. I had to use the snapshot process because the wizard expects a very particular CD that I do not have. After creation of the virtualized application I copied it onto a memstick and tested it on a win7, win xp, and vista system. The app works fine on the clients and saves documents with no problem. however the saved document appears to have not file association (paper icon and not ms project Icon). if you doubleclick the saved document, Windows begins searching for an associated program. If you drop the doc onto the sandbox virtualized app it opens in project without a problem.

I have checked the basics -- .mpp file association is setup in the ZAV setup tab with the defaults created during the snapshot process. .mpp has (new, open, openasreadonly, and print verbs defined) (.mpd, .mpf, mpp, mpt, .mpw, mpx, rels, xevgenxml and .odc are defined)

What am I missing?