Ok this is a real wierd one.

Last night I reset the Filters back to default and started to add in
filter exceptions. Everything went great, everything worked! I was
to ping, cruz the net, send and receice mail. So after a late night
feeling good that I had the firewall test, secure and working I when

I came in this morning and everything was still working just fine, and
at about 1:30 PM bang, it all stopped working. I went to the server
tried to ping (Novell's Web Site) as a straight IP, no
problems. Again from the server I tried to ping www.novell.com, again
problems, the name was resolved to an IP address and was getting sent
recieved packets.

But from the work stations I was get zip. I tested out web browsing,nothing I tested out POP3 mail, nothing. I tried to send mail, and
back the responce that the mail client couldn't connect to the smtp
BUT after putting in place a little D-Link 701 (I a quick work around
have used in the past when I had messed up the firewall) between the
private network and the public and set the default route to it. Aftergetting internet working again I found out that my email had actually
gone out!

The filters I am using are not stateful, and I'm not using any of theproxies in BM 3.6. This is wierd cause one minute it was working thet
it stopped, and I had not touched the server or change anything.

Any ideas out there?