Hi All,

I have a 4-node NW6.5 SP8 cluster with a pair of clustered NetApp SANs as targets. The fabric presents a total of 8 failover paths (returned from "list failover devices" at the console), which is correct.

The problem I have is that the failover path IDs are not persistent if the server is restarted, which then means that the failover path priorities that I have set become invalid and NetWare seems to allocate its own priorities. This can often result in NetWare setting a higher priority to a "secondary" path, which in turn generates warnings at the NetApp.

So my question is, should the failover path IDs remain persistent after server reboots? If not, how can I make sure that I am always routing through the primary path(s)?

FYI, the IDs I am referring to are shown underlined in the example output below:-

list failover devices
0x17 [V599-A2-D0:1] NETAPP LUN 500A09819617C3AC (0.2) (A/A)
Up 0x11 [V599-A2-D0:1] NETAPP LUN 500A09 Priority=10 port=10300 select
Up 0x13 [V599-A2-D1:1] NETAPP LUN 500A09 Priority=20 port=10700