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Thread: NSS SNapshot

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    NSS SNapshot

    Hello Geeks,

    I would like to implement NSS SNapshot on my netware 6.5 OES server & then copy the snapshots off the server for archiving and backup. I would like to know if the snapshots can be used in the event that a file gets corrupt, can i restore the file from previous snapshots and in addition, say my NSS volume gets corrupt or, say that I need to recover the pool can I recover from this NSS snapshot?

    Thank you.

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    Re: NSS SNapshot

    Well, yes snapshots were implemented primarily to assist in dealing with backup issues. They do have limitations -- they work better for the first case than the other 2, because it uses a copy-on-write scheme. Unaltered files exist only in the original incarnation; only an altered file has a shadow of it's former self. So if the whole volume or pool gets corrupted, the unaltered portions will be lost. (The snapshotting begins by looking at the metadata (timestamps, etc) of files and volumes -- it isn't like writing a tape.)

    Caveat lector: it's been a while since I've touched a snapshot, so some details could be mis-remembered, but the Wiser Heads of the Forum will no doubt point out the corrections, and in the meantime I think I'm close enough to get you started.


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