I have a novell NFS gateway server, running SLES10, SP2. With OES2 SP1.

I have mounted via NFS an export from a RHEL server. The SLES box then shares out this nfs share so that novell users can access this data.

I've overcome a number of permissions issues by adding the "Inherit_POSIX_Permissions" option to this volumes config in /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf.

The issue i'm currently running into is missing directories. It seems that directories deeper than 4 levels simply don't show up while browsing from a Windows client. In one case, the depth made it to 5. I originally thought it was a permissions issue, because i found in the original issue that permissions on the next directory were set improperly, but that doesnt seem to be the case. I've created new directories with proper permissions, and even used old directories that have always had proper permissions in order to test. the problem seems across the board.

Another odd issue is this. If i browse directly to one of these missing directories, the client is able to find the directory, and display it. It's fully functional. After that, you can browse to the previously hidden directory from windows explorer on the client like there was never a problem.

Any suggestions?