Hello All,

We have just upgraded our system from GW 6.5 to GW 8 SP1. Our staff is still running the 6.5 Client while IS tests the 8 SP1 client.

We are having an issue with the GW 8 clients printing HTML. It appears the wrong print engine is being used. I believe that GW should use the IE print engine when printing HTML but I can tell from the print dialog boxes that it is not. So what happens is I only end up with a message header.

This is not an issue with the GW 6.5 clients. I have had the message resent from the outside to one of our staff using the 6.5 client and it prints correctly. It also is consistent across all of the IS staff when printing HTML.

Are there some settings that I have wrong?

Mike - I have read several of your posts that speak on the IE engine being used to print HTML in the GW 8 clients so I believe it still should work like it did in GW 6.5. Any ideas?