I am running ZCM 10 SP2. I try to add filter to avoid installing bundle on devices that already have the same program installed.

For example, I have create a "Novell client" bundle and the actions are:
1. Install Directory - copy the novell client install to c:\NCL folder
2. Launch Windows Executable (run setupnw.exe with parameter /ACU /u:c:\NCL\unattended.txt
3. reboot

I have added a filter to check the registry value on the device and only if the novell client registry key does not exist, should the bundle be installed.

I assigned the bundle to the device, and after refresh, the bundle started to install i.e. copying run and ran the setupnw.exe and at the end, it sat at the prompt to ask if it is ok to reboot the PC.

So I manually click the option to reboot the PC. Then after reboot, the novell client is installed properly on the XP PC and I was able to login to the network. However, in ZCM agent, it said the bundle is available but the icon is in grey and in the system requirement tab, it said it failed (because the key now exist).

I then took out the requirement and refresh the device and it own said available.

Does it mean ZCM checks the system requirement even after the bundle is installed, then the system requirement would fail on every device.

Wonder how other people use the filter option.