We've had intermittent crashes in our new Client since we updated.
They're always in the ole32.dll file.

I've seen some posts regarding the need to use a later version of the
Windows Messaging Service and I'm trying to work through the necessary
steps to have a clean install (preferably over the network). [We're looking
to do this by a Container Login Script (and Group Membership), as we're
concerned about what problems we may run into on a large scale.]

- Is it necessary to uninstall the prior GW Client and Messaging Service,
prior to the install? (Or can we install over this . . . as long as we update
to the latest Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data
Objects 1.2.1 . . . and set the interface language key to "EN"?)

HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Inter face Language = EN

- If we need to uninstall first, is it sufficient to run the CleanIT.exe Utility with
the /sp parameter? (Or do we need to uninstall our prior GroupWise, then
run CleanIT (removing also the WMS), then reinstall?

- I'm having difficulty uninstalling the prior "Windows NT Messaging" . . ..
(it seems to leave the product listed, without a file size, in the Add/Remove
Programs, and there are a few files left in C:\Program Files\Windows NT\
Windows Messaging) . . . I'm afraid to remove these (in case some other
service needs them) -- will they present any problem, for GroupWise, if we
leave them there?

- I've renamed the \client\win32\wms folder to "\wms.bad", to prevent the Client
from installing the older version.

- We wanted to use the new groupwise.msi install, for its new features. Oddly
it seems to still want to look to other files and folders (outside of its own .msi
file) for part of the install. ['Not sure if this is normal . . . I would have thought
the .msi would have been self-contained, except for any additional .mst settings.]

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!