Hi all,

We typically don't use ZCM to push out GPO's to our workstations, however I though I'd give it a shot and pushed out a policy to a couple of workstations... I accidendentally pushed out to all 360 workstations!! I quickly disabled, and deleted the policy I had created.

This policy was just enabling Dynamic Update under Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network | DNS Client.

However doing this, we've had trouble with the ZCM agent setting the IE proxy settings to blank when it refreshes, ie when they login. We then need to run "gpupdate /force" to pickup from Active Directory again.

Our ZCM servers are all running 10.2, we have 130 workstations also on 10.2, the remaining workstations are on 10.1.3.

The Novell support site has this reported on TID#7004463, but is in the "Reported to Engineering" status which isn't much help to us right now.

As you can imagine we are being flooded with calls from users, "My internet's not working". Other than taking the phones off the hook and rocking in the corner in the fetal position... any thoughts on what we can do to fix this issue?