Hi All,

Need some ideas / advice. We installed VMware ESXi 4 on a Dell R710, RAID 5 = 1,6T storage in total. We installed SLES10SP2 with OES 2 SP1 on a 45Gb VMDK disk, then on a separate VMDK Diks of 800Gb for the NSS volumes.

This all went well running for about 2 days, then we started with the data migration and bang - can't see the Volumes any more, iManager, Remote Manager and NSS seem to be totally dead and we can't reinstate them, even after a reboot.

On the Linux side of things we can see the volumes, we can brows the volumes and copy data out of the volumes. NSSMU hangs when we try and access or view the Volume information.

We have implemented a number of ESXi solutions but instead of the 800Gb we only used 180Gb VMDK disks and they seem to work well.

Would appreciate any input. We do not have a SAN on site and therefore cannot make use of RDM.