Hi, not sure if this is the right forum. I have never used GroupWise - from what I read it sounds good - but I'm stuck in an organisation using Exchange.

We send html formatted emails from a .Net application using the smtpClient - via an Exchange box.

Someone we send emails to uses GroupWise and tells us he cannot reply to our emails. He tells us ...

"the reply facility on your emails can't be used because a font alternative box comes up and blocks all attempts to enter text"

The only font setting is in an in-line style that includes ..

font-family: arial, san-serif, Verdana, Helvetica;

I've never come across an email client before that simply won't reply to an email because there is something in the email sent that it does not like.

Any ideas? Is there a setting I can ask the person using GroupWise to change?

Thanks for any input. Never having used GroupWise I don't know where to start.