We're a public school system with about 1600 Windows PCs in six locations.

During the summer we upgraded from iPrint client v4.xx to v5.20, but in the
process seem to have lost all ability to deploy WORKSTATION printers to our
computers via ZFD7's iPrint policy - unless a user with administrator rights
to the local machine logs in. USER printers deploy just fine. It's driving
me nuts.

Under the previous version(s) of the iPrint client we had wonderful success
deploying workstation printers using the ZFD7 iPrint policy.

Do I need to change BOTH the ShortInstallName and the AllowUserPrinters
settings in the server's iprint.ini file? And particularly, what
AllowUserPrinters setting should I use? My testing hasn't been very
successful, but it looks like I should perhaps be setting AllowUsersPrinters
= 3. It's for sure that 0, 1 and 2 don't work for workstation printers.

People are looking at me funny and sharpening their daggers. As a result
I'm NOT a happy camper, and I hate it when things break during upgrades.