This is NOT a direct problem or so,, more of a general question;

Plan is to move from XP and Zen7 setup to "next revision" with Zen10
and Windows 7 in a customer network

The Xp / Zen7 is up'n'running and works well, and we do hope/belive
that Zen10 might work as a replacement from our tests.

But,, Windows7, which off course isn't supported here, is another

Previously, we've been using the "default user" as a profile were
standard-apps, settings etc have been included for the images.
With Windows7 that obviously isn't the way forward thanks to MS.

So, anyone here that's been thinking about the same issue ?
maybe some other way to achieve the same goal ?

Basic idea for this case is to be able to use "any machine" as
"any user" as long as the image and app's have been applied correctly.

So far,, Im having blocked my thinking somewhat thanks to the disabled
used of "default user" profile..