we use the SOAP and OBJ API to create EML files for emails.
We believe we found problems in the eml files from SOAP if there are
German umlauts in the subject.

Soap eml sample:
Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?sch=94nes=20bild?=

ObjAPI eml sample:
Subject: =?UTF-8?B?c2Now7ZuZXMgYmlsZA==?=

The subject in GroupWise is:
"schnes bild"

The soap eml file says the subject is UTF-8 Quoted-printable. But the 94
is the hex value for in the codepage CP437 or CP850.
The eml file from OBJ API is correct.

Would it be possbile to correct this ?

Either change the code page name from UTF-8 to CP850 ( not supported by
GroupWise if we open it with Token API )

Or translate the encoded bytes from CP850 to UTF-8, like advertised.