Due to some issues we encountered (logistics) with file compression/quotas, here's what I'd LIKE to do, but not sure if it can be done:

1) Create a miggui project called like: VOL1
2) But when I go in to select the items to be migrated, I don't want to select the entire volume, but rather specific "top level" directories.
3) Start the migration during business hours
4) Then when we're ready, kick everyone off and do a final "sync" to get the items that were missed (due to being open or whatever) the first time.

The questions:

a) Can I have multiple data migrations within the same project but each one defined as a specific directory? Or will I need to make multiple projects for that?

b) The Sync only relies upon date/timestamp right? But on OES (with NSS) there's like 3 timestamps I think, so which one does it use/compare against?

c) We've seen issues with people's GroupWise Archives where the miggui will see new dates/times in their Archive (index files, etc.) but a Beyond Compare CRC check will show the data is actually the same.