We're having a major issue with using the Send To function in Office 2003/07 and Attach to Email in Adobe Acrobat 8/9.

Most of the time it actually attaches the file to be sent, but it locks the app until the file is actually sent. Example: I have 2 PDF docs open. I do Attach to Email and file1 gets attached. I cannot do *anything* back in Acrobat until I send this one email. After that, it frees up. This is frustrating as our Customer Service reps need to attach more than one file and the PDF files they see (via HTTP) are not files as such. They're having to do Save As to Desktop and then attach outside of app.

Same deal with Office apps. And basically any app that attaches a file.

Have tried re-installing WMS using version that comes with 8.01. Have tried old WMS that worked with 7.03. And also tried not pre-installing WMS at all and letting GW install do it. No luck.

We do not use Integration, nor have it installed. Using 8.01 on WinXP SP3 boxes.

Any ideas?