The Upgrading to NOWS SBE 2.5 Readme states: Updating the Server Software
If you have a successful connection to the Internet and have registered the server in the Novell Customer Center, the server displays the Online Update dialog box. You can run the online update now or skip it and get updates later.

6. (Conditional) If a patch has changes to the kernel, you might want to deselect it and install it later after the installation is complete. For procedures, see Updating an OES 2 SP1 Linux Server.
What's this? Its telling me to run the Online Update. It seems that even a kernel update is okay...

This is a major departure from NOWS SBE 2 patching procedures and it was just sort of slipped into the upgrade procedure. A quick search of the NOWS SBE 2.5 documentation reveals that "Online Update" doesn't appear in any other document.

Should I trust it?

Is it now the new way of doing things?