NWClient 4.91sp3
Service Location TAB: Scope List = Default
Directory Agent List = Master
(Both entries are marked static)
There is a "Default" scope (it is the only scope)

On the MASTER server:
"Display slpda"
SLP Loopback : v2 : active : Default : IANA : 12 : 0ms
Total Active: 1 Total Inactive: 0

On the MASTER server:
display slp services, lists a long list of services both local and from the
ZEN server.

ZFD Agent version =

When attempting to remote control a workstation, before a user has logged
in, the following is returned:

1456: The Remote Management Agent is unable to read information from the
eDirectory server. Verify that the workstation object is valid and the
Middle Tier server is up and running.

(We are not using a MTS) If the user logs in, RC is possible. Even if the
user then logs out, RC is possible. But, if the W/S is rebooted, error.

TIDs and Threads point to an SLP issue, but I don't think that is the case

Recent environment changes...

All workstations have been joined to a domain.
DNS/DHCP are now running from a Windows Server.
(We do have an "A" record for "Master")
Firewalls are all off.