We have two primary zcm servers both sles 10 sp2. I was able to update both of them to 10.2.1 using the zcc console. I am trying to update our satellite servers - sles 10 sp2 OES2 sp1 - and it errors out. At the console I have this error: "There was an error while installing package [/bin/rpm -U /var/opt/novell/zenworks/zmd/cache/ZenCache/75ac3ea0378847e2978d306be62e7ad3/novell-zenworks-zmgweb-10.2.1-32627.i586.rpm]. RPM return code: 1. Check the system-update.log on the device for details." When I check the system log I see this error repeated:

DEBUG;;;Executing query: [/bin/rpm, -q, null, --queryformat, @%{version}.%{release}@]
DEBUG;;;package version: null installedVersion: null
DEBUG;;;unable to determine installed or package version
DEBUG;;;rpm command failed...will retry

Anyone have any ideas?