We just upgraded all of our domains & post offices to 8.0.1. Virtually all of our clients are still running 7.x, and ever since the upgrade they've had problems viewing the properties of sent items.

Immediately after the upgrade, the 7.x users couldn't view properties at all. When they clicked on the Properties tab, they were prompted to save a *.TMP file. I found TID 7001299 which explained how to update the \ofviews folder from the SDD. That fixed the initial problem with users being prompted to download a file, but we're still having problems viewing the properties.

Now the 7.x users can use the properties tab, but they can't see all of the information. They can see the recipients, but for each recipient both Action and Date & Time are blank. If you look at the same item from an 8.0.1 client all of the info is displayed properly.

What's the best way to fix this? I've considered wiping out the existing ofviews folder then recreating it from a 7.0.3 SDD ofviews overlaid with an 8.0.1 SDD ofviews. Would that work, or would it create even more problems?