Running a very simple 5.1 File server. Very simple login scripts:

Map Display off
Map f:=SYS:
Map h:=Vol1:

So I'm only mapping two drives F and H. I've had to turn off UAC in order to get Windows 7 to see the mapped drives, however after successful login I now see a duplicate E:System drive....exactly the same as the F drive. I checked the client and it reports "F" being the first network drive. My H:VOL1 Drives shows up fine with no duplication. I tried running "del e:" in a local script for the windows 7 machine and it stops the login process and tells me the drive doesn't exist. When I close the novell E: drive. So the "Del E:" worked...sort-of. Looks like Novell still has a way to go for a Windows 7 client.