Hi all,

I'm looking for some assistance here.

I'm getting the following error when we have a USB Smartcard reader installed.

"Could not find the Zenworks Repository"

If I unplug the smartcard reader then the system comes up fine. We have over 60 PC's with this issue.

For the time being we've disabled the ZEN partition since our employees require the Smartcard readers to be operational.

Has anyone seen this before?

I'm thinking of simply disabling the USB modules so that the smartcard reader isn't detected by the ZenWorks partition but unsure how to proceed in ZenWorks. I noticed that when I modify a file or move a module, it's back in it's original spot on a reboot. I'm assuming ZenWorks simply decompresses an image every time it boots hence why the parameters aren't changing.

We're currently using the latest as of Oct. 27th Zenworks Imaging CD.

Any help is greatly appreciated.