Just a sanity check.

Source server: NW 6.5.7 with GW 8.0.1
Destination server: OES2 SP1 Linux with NSS

I install the GW 8.0.1 stuff on OES2 (so i can get dbcopy)
I mount the NCP volume from NetWare onto the OES2 machine

ASSUMING I wish to copy the stuff over while the POA and MTA are running on NetWare, I could use dbcopy as such:

For MTA I would actually just wait and shut it down because there's hardly any data there to copy, so let's pretend I use Dbcopy as normal with the -m -d switch.

For POA, I want two passes. One with the POA running. Second when I shut it down:

dbcopy -m -f (source) (target)
and then when I'm ready for the final:

dbcopy -m -s (source) (target)

At that point it'll get all my stuff, make it lower case (although I still have to use storelower case, I believe to go inside the database files for the POA and adjust that).

Am I thinking correctly?