Strange thing happening at one site;

Customer has 8 offices, was running GW7.03/HP2, every office
had a poa and a mta. Central location had poa,mta and GWIA +
WebAccess. Everything running on Netware 6.5/sp8.

Now, after updating to GW8.01 directly from GW7.03, we have a
situation were a couple of sites from time to time shows all domains
closed. These aer remote sites that looses connection to the central
MTA somehow. Nothing in terms of communication is an issue since
everything else works in this tree.

On each and every occasion this scenario occurs, renaming
WPSCIN/OUT and MsLocal solves to issue and re-copying the stuff from
subdirs 4>7 back into wpsin works and does NOT stop the domain-traffic

So,, something in the lower-no# dirs, 0->3 must be the issue, and as I
understand it, these are for some "system-internal" stuff occuring.

Is there anyway to trace why this occurs ?
And, these "things" from sub-dir 0->3 that doesn't get replicated out,
are they automaticly recreated or is the system beginning to "miss"
things now because of this ?

Again, Nw6.5/sp8, one tree, vpn to all sites ( and all sites in
between). Minimum bandwidht is 20Mb's. No other errors reported/seen
regarding traffic between offices.