I don't know if this is the appropriate forum but here goes anyway...
Server: Netware 5.0, BM EE 3.5
PC: Win2k Pro

I am attempting to connect to client's Microsoft VPN server. If I try
to go
thru Bordermanager I get stuck at the Verifying User Name and Password
with a "Error 721" "Remote Computer not Responding".

If I go around Bordermanager and plug the PC directly into the DSL
modem it
connects fine.

I have applied the filter exceptions for port 1723 and protocol 47 as

described in the TID's and I have unloaded IPFLT and I get the same

When I do get connected by going around BM and check the connection
properties I get the following:
Server Type - PPP
Transports - TCP/IP
Authentication - MS CHAP V2
Encryption - MPPE 128
Compression - MPPC
PPP Multilink framing - On
Server IP address - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Client IP address - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Any help would be greatly appreciated,