NetWare 6/SP3 Overlay / BM3.7 + patches EXACTLY per Craigs tips. The server has a R/W and is designated SINGLE, all other servers are
SECONDARY. BM3.7 is configured with 1-Private NIC and 1-Public NIC + Dynamic NAT).

I followed every TID I could get my hands on, as well as Craigs posts

here in this forum. I still cannot get NTP to work over the Internet.
can ping the Time Sources successfully (US Naval Obs, MIT, NASA Ames,

etc...), but the BM server still generates errors.

I have configured NTP using Stateful Filters, as well as configuring
separate inbound and outbound. Both methods yield the same result (***

Unable to comminicate with server ipaddress:123! ***).

To test, I configured Source Port(s) - ALL and Desination Port - 123,

with no luck.

I unloaded the filters and Time was established, as I suspected it
So then I put an inbound and outbound that allowed EVERYTHING to pass,

but still can't get time from the external Time Sources with the

After verifying that everything else works as it should (filters,
exceptions, Client Trust, etc.), NTP is the only thing I'm having
problems with.

I am finding that others in this forum are having very similar
difficulties as I am. Any ideas?