Hi All,

We use SEP sesam for our backup. For the most part it works great but I am having an issue with backing up GroupWise on 64 Bit SLES 10.2. GW only uses about 2GB of memory but if I leave the server at 4GB of memory during backup all the memory is eaten up and the server hangs, I have to increase the memory to 8GB in order to get a good full backup of the server and after the backup half the memory is gone.

I am not sure where this issue resides. I was able to resolve it after I applied some old SMS updates and SEP sent an update but since an upgrade from Sesam 3.4 to 3.6 the issue has come back and it seems the SMS RPM's have also been updated. SEP is saying that it is probably an sms issue.

So before I start doing the whole dog and pony show between both vendors I wanted to do a nbackup to see if the same thing happens. I want to make sure that the tsafsgw is used, if I do a backup of the domain and POA dirs, does tsafs automatically use the tsafsgw agent, can I specify the agent in nbackup? Looks like you can only specify, Linux, Netware and ifolder..

Anyone nbackup experts that can answer this?